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Unlike many other areas of financial services, mortgages are not commoditised products and one size most definitely does not fit all

We provide each of our clients with a personalised service ensuring they receive the most suitable advice for them. Our advisers will make specific recommendations and will explain why they feel that a particular mortgage suits your needs most. They will advise on the schemes available including interest only, repayment, fixed, discounted, tracker or capped.

We will help you find lenders who will accommodate your precise needs. This might include higher value loans with modest deposits, urgent exchange or completion deadlines.

Your objective is to find your dream home, whilst ours is to help you purchase it. We can also source mortgages for non-standard properties such as short lease apartments, listed buildings or even stately homes! Residences above commercial premises or of unusual construction are also regularly handled.

What are the fees?

The Mortgage & Insurance Bureau has a fully transparent pricing structure and should any fees be payable, these will be discussed in advance. Any fees payable will be calculated to reflect the amount of time and effort needed for each individual case.

If you are considering remortgaging, our advisers will advise you on whether you should take a “fees free” deal or whether you would be better off by paying some transactional costs in return for a more attractive interest rate which saves you money in the longer term.

Buy to let

The UK is witnessing an ever-increasing number of people investing in property. A significant number of the mortgages we arrange are for investors, the majority of these either adding to or remortgaging an existing portfolio. Product design and innovation play a major part in our advice.

Buy to let finance is not always straightforward. Despite the huge amount of media coverage, there are pitfalls which need to be avoided.

Our estate agency colleagues at Gibbs Gillespie manage many hundreds of properties and therefore we are able to speak with authority on the issues involved with rental property.


Many thousands of people now own a property overseas. Our colleagues at Gibbs Gillespie handle overseas property and we have contacts with a number of lenders who handle financing overseas.

We are able to advise on the process of purchasing overseas as well as arranging the finance itself. It is important that you are fully aware of the tax regime in your chosen overseas location and also take appropriate legal advice.



The Mortgage & Insurance Bureau was created in 2003 in order to meet increasing demand from clients for advice on the ever complex mortgage market.

Our typical clients are busy, successful people who demand a high level of service. They want to deal with professional, knowledgeable staff, who are experts in their field.

Since our launch, The Mortgage & Insurance Bureau has established itself as one of the Region’s leading mortgage brokers and has won numerous industry awards for our service and performance.

Our staff have decades of experience in the mortgage industry and there are few challenges we cannot meet.